Interesting conversation. I quite enjoyed it. Too bad the guy is a Catholic, which is Christianized paganism, IMHO. A nice guy and sincere, but he explained things from a Catholic perspective. The Catholic Church with its Pope, pomp and ceremony is completely unnecessary, John 4:19-24 (ESV).

Regarding the Law being nullified by Jesus. Matthew 5:18 "For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished." - Jesus

What Jesus did was start a new covenant between God and Man in which, by believing in Jesus, we are freed from the conviction of Moses' Law/covenant by God's Grace. Jesus, by His life, fulfilled the Law and He paid for all of our sins, for our transgressions against the Law which were revealed to us by the Law. The Law is still valid until everything passes away. We have just been freed from it by belief in Jesus. It still applies to everyone all the time.

Jung was a gnostic. You can't resort to Jung's interpretations of the Bible because they are thoroughly Gnostic. IMO, Jung was absolutely dead wrong regarding anything in the Bible and simply tried to interpret everything within a Gnostic paradigm to fit his occult-like worldview, which is very common. I used to do the same thing. Jung was brilliant, but dead wrong, deceived by the spirits behind Gnosticism, about the Bible, IMHO.

Future guest suggestions:

Too bad Michael Heiser passed away in Feb., 2023. He was so down to earth, level headed and brilliant in his approach to the Bible. Knew all the original languages. Would have been an incredible guest.

Nathan Wheeler, an ex-Toltec shaman, sorcerer and Truth seeker. Incredibly spiritually experienced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-OlwZLCzrc&list=PLo_mmp5MyMvltkjx4rNjgM5at3tx4oE6Z

John Ramirez, an ex-satanist. An interesting fellow and a good story teller. I'm still undecided whether he is legit, or not, but he does seem to know a lot about sorcery, demons and the devil and seems to get respect from people who deal with such forces. He's a good story teller, whether what he says is true or not I do not know. Seems good humored. Might be a fun interview.


Timothy Alberino, quite an extensive body of research work, including UFOs and the antediluvian time period.


Brian Godawa, filmmaker, author, Christian researcher. Has quite a good grasp on the Bible as a whole story, IMO.


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Before fully diving into the Bible, I recommend reading Edwin Johnson’s The Rise of English Culture (1904) and The Pauline Epistles (1894) first. I promise, it won’t be in vain.

The 100-page book from 1894 shows that:

- The Paul figure was a literary invention from the 1500's

- The purportedly early Church Father writings were literary inventions of the 1500's

- Eusebius' Church History was written in the 1500's.

- The Gospels were written in the 1500's.

- No Cathedrals are ancient; they are from the early part of the modern period, such as 1400.


The explanation that I have given removes all difficulties and covers all cases, so far as I know. Here you have a knot of men, or round table, presided over in all probability by one or two or a few directors. They have plotted, and are executing a system of fiction. The method is to write down short sentences, to place them in imaginary mouths, to call them “testimonies,” to put dates to them, and then to quote them as if they were authoritative and external to themselves. The whole thing is perfectly transparent to the attentive student.

If my readers cannot at present follow me in my assertion of the late origin of Church literature, at least they will understand, if they follow me in these particulars, that the current and common theories of that literature are absurd, and must be abandoned.

My final as my first word must be: You cannot ascend, in the retrospect, above, or even so high, as the year 1500.


All the literature designed to illustrate the Bible — on the Jewish side, the Talmud, containing the writings of the "Fathers and Doctors" of the Synagogue; on the Christian side, the Patrology, containing the corresponding writings of the Church-men — slowly came to light during the sixteenth century. We shall not greatly err if we rest our minds on the year 1500 as that which roughly divides a published literature from a preceding secret literature.

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I enjoyed these Jasun-versations as always, though they did stop short of the implications of God refusing to explain his shenanigans to Job, the millennia of Catholic kiddie-diddling, and the strange, anachronistic incoherency of the Bible across large swaths (though I acknowledge it's allure). The fact that embodied existence involves inordinate suffering (ex. almost 1B people died of diseases, war, famines, catastrophes in the prior century, most of it before 1980), and that we have so little time to pursue spiritual truths when our lives are so taken up with working/toiling for subsistence, sleep, running errands, distraction etc...this suggests to me the Gnostic possibility the creator may be autistic at best but possibly worse. Maybe Job helps make the case for a Demiurge + archons who are running a crappy materialistic asylum.

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Really enjoyed this (as a lapsed Catholic!:-) Thanks. x

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