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wow. fascinating book, thx Jasun. & your thoughts on circumcision seem dead-on to me. just shocking that this horror remains with us today very much accepted. one commonly hears young mothers saying "yeah, we talked about that & decided we wanted our boy to have an attractive penis." child as property/pet/family ornament, wtf.

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i read the sections on circumcision and found myself seeing the exact same kinds of rationalisations kinsey used to justify infant/child rape. perhaps slightly elevated into some kind of bizarre a-somatic religious philosophical mumbo-jumbo.

in contrast to the very strange 'pact' rationale, cliff high in a recent monologue argues that that 'pact' was a life-saving agreement between the victims of aliens and those who acquiesced to their demands. the whole eating flesh and blood is not readily rationalised, and suares's words are jabberwocky.

if curious, here is high's recent cant about the absolute inane garbage the old testament is except as a now confused jumble of a survival journal.

see: "Untethered Heathers: It's here, it's creeping up into YOUR reality & freaking some people out already!" https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/untethered-heathers at about 12:42 he talks about the bible as a record of having survived the space aliens looking to enslave(?) humanity. the practices of the bible are to a large extent the steps by which people took to survive. (he absolutely totally unequivocally and categorically dismisses the bible as anything of value - it is mistranslated survival anecdotes.)

the whole 30 minutes is an interesting look at things.

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Thank you, Jasun, for the fascinating extracts from the text. Now to turn away from the word, and inwardly on a wordless path within which words are both signposts and misdirection.

This is a great adjunct to my own look at the narcissistic nature of the founding of Catholicism ('official' christianity).

I will be exploring this a bit more going forward. Thank you. I'll listen to your thoughts later - today is a busy day. And, LoL!, that busy-ness will likely involve words, words, words! We humans, so funny.

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