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wow. fascinating book, thx Jasun. & your thoughts on circumcision seem dead-on to me. just shocking that this horror remains with us today very much accepted. one commonly hears young mothers saying "yeah, we talked about that & decided we wanted our boy to have an attractive penis." child as property/pet/family ornament, wtf.

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Thank you, Jasun, for the fascinating extracts from the text. Now to turn away from the word, and inwardly on a wordless path within which words are both signposts and misdirection.

This is a great adjunct to my own look at the narcissistic nature of the founding of Catholicism ('official' christianity).

I will be exploring this a bit more going forward. Thank you. I'll listen to your thoughts later - today is a busy day. And, LoL!, that busy-ness will likely involve words, words, words! We humans, so funny.

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