As an Apostle of the Auticulture blog and podcast, I was voicing my concern just yesterday of another Jasun Horsley 'chapter'. After reading this piece alone, Thomas takes it all back. 'ere we go! Again...

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Who is Dave? Anyone who writes such wise words as "In a counterfeit world, we cannot follow the money to find the truth. All roads built by Rome lead to ruin. But nor can we follow leaders, teachers, or gurus, scripture or substacks" would hardly need to follow anyone for 10 years, I would have thought. It is refreshing to see such a small ego, though.

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Hola, Jasun.

I wound up wending my wily (coyote) way to here — failed to dodge anvil falling from the sky — to a source, the(?) source, to the sound of a clanging metal font compete with cartoonish headaches while boiling in the moiling conundrum of working a day job and kicking that slob Job when he is down and out in Paris and London.

In a recent substack I observe that worshipping God and Satan ,or worshipping one while castigating the other, amounts to the same thing: distraction by following the It that isn't ourselves, towards some kind of icon of ruin disguised as truth.

Elements of your argument align quite closely with some of Gautama's 'secreted' teachings, the ones that the religious 'followers' ignored in order to create a successful religion that didn't eschew god. Basically, Gautama argued or inferred by his answers, that the ideas of God and soul and reincarnation break us away from the reality of the suffering that is part and parcel of being made in the simulacrum of a god stuck inside a fetid form of clay, aching and longing for life to be different than it is.

"All roads built by Rome lead to ruin. But nor can we follow leaders, teachers, or gurus, scripture or substacks." This has some echo of Krishnamurti (who mostly got that wrong, imo), and Gautama (who mostly got that right, imo).

Following your men's group invite and its reference to Job being an icon of iconographic worship — oops. I meant to say, with your interest in studying The Book of Job, I have begun to prep for that and renewed my past study of it. How could it not have changed with all the changes I've been through in the last 15 years? Nope, it is exactly as I remember it! (Not!)

I look forward to you job of the appropriately eccentric exploration of the eccentric Job, god's source of conscience and birth attendant to Sophia.

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Glad to hear you’ve been kicked out by Dave. It must be hurtful and disorienting being on your own without a superior to guide on the spiritual quest, despite the seemingly positive embrace of no longer being apart of his zoom events?

What was the reason?

For the few years I’ve been following your work you would always champion Dave as a saving grace, an absolute necessity to be involved with you. He was almost used as a confirmation tool for people wanting to enter your orbit.

How much money do you think you’ve given to Dave each year?

I got out cheaply, probably only spending $700

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So are you not involved with Oshana anymore?

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Hard to escape the problem of evil. I heard news today outlining the extent of worldwide human trafficking and it's hard to ignore the idea that the planet is overrun by predatory demons. Whether that is an innate part of the human psyche or an infection by other non-human forces who knows? Funny how often one comes back to Castaneda. The notion of the Eagle describes a creative, unifying force that is powerfully impersonal. In itself it is not evil but its creative power is without responsibility. It just "creates" and ceaselessly gives and what happens "happens" including the rise of evil forces. Though you could argue that the presence of the Good is well known and available to all, except the demonic powers are so powerful and their infection so pervasive that it takes such a serious detrimental hold through human weakness and brokenness. Will it wage such darkness among suffering human souls forever? What warrior power can arise in humanity to defeat demons? Is there an alai, neither God nor Satan, who can help with the defence against predators?

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Always felt there was something very 'off' and contrived about Dave oshanas pay as you go 'enlightenment' cult.

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Welcome to Substack, Jasun!

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