"Just this morning, right before posting this, I read (in Dimensions of Job, ed: Nahum N. Glatzer) that the Zohar (“Book of Splendor,” written in Spain by Moses de Leon in the 13th century):

makes Job the symbol of the man who failed to be “cognizant of both good and evil. . . . As Job kept evil separate from good and failed to fuse them, he was judged accordingly: first he experienced good, then what was evil, then again good. For man should be cognizant of both good and evil, and turn evil itself into good. This is the deep tenet of faith” (p. 23)."

All of that Jewish mysticism, or Kabbalah magick, is in opposition to the teachings of Jesus. These are the Jews that hated Jesus and wanted Him dead. It was Crowley's go to anti-Christ philosophy. Not something you want to trust your eternal soul to, or even your intellectual capacity to reason. It's all the same Gnostic BS that pervades most spiritual teachings other than Christianity. Taoism, Hinduism, Mysticism, Occultism, Buddhism, Theosophy, Paganism, Shamanism, Kabbalah, etc., etc., etc., all BS, like the Zohar. All inspired by the fallen sons of God, the false gods of the nations who were deceiving the people to worship them instead of the Most High God of the Bible.

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“Though he slay me, yet I will trust him,”

I'm not an ancient languages scholar, but it seems to me, through the context of the story as a whole, it is supposed to be understood that, "Although I may die by serving Him, I trust it is all for the Good."

“He may well slay me, I may have no hope. Yet I will argue my case before Him.” Sounds like Satan's words and attitude. The worst part is he sounds proud of it.

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Yeah, alright, I get that."

I don't think you do get it.

"But, if we are not just nothing without God but also nothing if not God, surely fearlessness must be wisdom’s end?"

We are not God.To think we are God is complete disrespect for God. Fear of the Lord means reverent respect for the Lord. As long as you try to fit Christianity into the gnostic occult philosophy you've followed your entire life is how long you will disrespect Christianity and God. That's gnosticism's purpose. To lead people away from Jesus. I know you think enlightenment is a noble goal worthy of the intelligent. If enlightenment ends in "no self", who is going to enjoy this final destination that the self is so desperate to attain?

Christianity does not end in the imaginary state of enlightenment you've been programmed to pursue like a crack addict your entire life, as many have. I've been sincerely devoted to Jesus for about 7 years now. All it has done for me is a feeling of innocent recognition that I remember as a child. No enlightenment, or unusual feel goods. Just the knowing that it is the right thing to do, without a doubt.

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